In 2019,


We Welcomed:

Alexandrov, Gina
Bücheler, John & Josephine
Chevalley, Lisa
Gallandat, Patricia
Mazzanti, Walter & Rosemary
Schaufelberger, Daniel & Brigitte
Venuti, Laura
Winter, Marc & Edith
Zacchini, Joan

We Said Goodbye To:

Blatter, Hans
Janz-Wecke, Marianna

Membership Application

Membership is open to people of Swiss descent and friends of Switzerland, year-round or seasonal residents; guests and children are welcome as well. Membership dues at this time are $40.00 per person and calendar year and include free participation and food at our picnics.

Please make your check payable to Swiss American Club of Sarasota, and mail your check to:

Charlotte Hull
1930 Crystal Lake Trail
Bradenton, FL 34211


Membership Application